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i think i have the same passion for this but with formal education first because where i came from and where i got my education from i was told that education is a key and when you are educated it means that you have got some learning though most education is achieved when you are at home but this but that does not guarantee you to become self esteem and self reliance, according to kajube specialized educationist in Uganda he said "Education is the last thing you remember after you have forgotten every thing". to my context i do agree with him because when we have learned some thing at school and then later forget about it, that small part which will be left is what is called education i am with the view to support education mostly to refugees because after the wars they will be repatriated to there countries so what they will remain with is the papers and some thing in the mind i am very positive to give refugees what ever it takes provided a child has got education which will remain in his mind and have qualification to show he was educated.
development can never come out of uneducated people in the society thus why whenever there is highly level of education the following will be prevailed
1.democracy in the country and the this will show good governance because democracy is principle of good governance
2. equity and quality in the society in girls and boys
3. effectiveness and efficiency things will be done in accordance owing to man power which is skilled
4. justice and fairness, rule of law will prevail
for that above has to be done with education for both girls and boys and this is serious issue with refugees where ever, they are they must access education but the question is how?
partners need to be supported through financing education for refugees so that they can later cause change in the countries. case in point is about the long war in Congo if all Congolese refugees get educated in what ever countries they are then the problems will easily be handled through dialogue and this will enhance better understanding hence practice good governance 8 principles thanks a lot to Xavier project staff ,empowering refugees through education sponsorship love there work