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Thank you Ashley, thank you Vishal! :) I recently met another SF entrepreneur that inspires me. A 12-year-old kid named Malcolm who started his own company Planet M: I may interview him to help spark some ideas for this challenge...


Justine commented on Creative Confidence Children's Book Series

This is great, Shannon. Story time was always a big part of my childhood at home and at school, and is built into so many pre-K and elementary school programs; the reach could be tremendous.

To build off your idea + to make it more interactive, it would be cool to have an open-ended section, to invite children to create their own story based on the themes you listed. It's a good way to showcase what they've learned about each theme (based on our storylines), and get them involved. Children could use characters from the series or invent their own.

Maybe during the designing + testing of this concept, we can ask children and their teachers and parents for feedback on how this might be implemented (how much content or starting point should we give them vs. blank page) and perhaps there could even be a way to submit each child's story for publication digitally for other children to read, learn from, and enjoy.

What do you think?

Mathieu, love the thinking behind this. Your idea is so great, something like it has already been developed! I work with a venture-backed startup named Piggybackr, a crowdfunding website that has been called the "Kickstarter for Kids," and launched earlier this year. It has helped hundreds of thousands of kids in 47 of 50 states fundraise for their schools, causes, entrepreneurial projects, and sports teams by providing the platform and education to get them started. Check out some examples here: There have been some truly uplifting stories to come from these fundraisers.

That said, this challenge specifically asks for a solution that involves the children in the design and also one that is cross-cultural and international. I think one of the trickiest parts with a platform like this is first making sure the privacy and terms & conditions are squared away. Any site or application that involves a child (under 13) creating an account, or public persona must be truste and COPPA compliant. I am not sure how other countries approach this, but it's something to look into.

One idea I have to build on top of the Piggybackr platform, is giving the children more freedom to customize their fundraising page. I also love your idea of people being able to share advice and solutions in addition to or in place of $. How do you think that might look?