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From the Design stage of my concept, our central user persona is the Healthcare Provider upon whose shoulders lays the burden of care and compassion that will ease off the burden of journey through pregnancy and beyond. From testing point, we pivoted and included a graded persona covering mainly healthcare provider, the Under-resourced Mom and The Mother Suffering from Chronic Disease as well as the government who needs the back-end data base generated from our application for decision-making and planning.
We centrally designed to create smart solution for the critical need of evidence-base clinical and management information/content to the rural based healthcare workers whose geographic location poses great limitation. To beat this challenge, i came with this approach of access to all the needed information, support, connection (peer-to-peer and professional backup information) using IT-infrastructural network that is cloud-based driving on Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Realities: Supporting case/diagnostics/management plan engines.
While testing offline prototypes, we discovered that a good fraction (18 out of 20) of healthcare consumers: expectant mothers, parents and prospective parents can as well benefit directly when they are empowered. Hence, we included them as next line up persona where they can have access to information module we called, "My Doctor on Call" and application thereof teaches and instructs on key aspects of antenatal home care and signs to watch out during and after pregnancy (see our design interface).

From our offline testing, vital user feedback received both from our main targeted Persona (Healthcare Workers) and the "side" persona (consumer; expectant parents etc) touched on areas of language, Question and Answer module covering regularly updated FAQs about Exclusive Breastfeeding, Immunization, Home Care and Emergencies like Oral-Re-Hydration Zinc Solution Preparation during Diarrhea emergencies, temperature charting to know when fever onsets, mother-mother peer support, menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy timetable/calendar, sexual health and hygiene education tips etc are all the feedback we received.
This pack of user-generated feedback caused us to Pivot and re-design to include the pain-points being raised by the users, and using same to replace of our in-house added module/functionality/ies, which we placed to be added in subsequent future as updates/upgrade version to keep improving on our Value addition and stay ahead of other solutions.
Feedback from our central persona centered mainly applauded the inclusion of Case/Diagnostics/Management Engines - Which is a very critical virtual tool that will drastically reduce the chances of clinical and Case-management errors which is becoming a public pandemics in the sector. through the peer-to-peer support functionality, a remotely located rural healthcare worker can optimally function counting on the end-to-end encrypted evidence-based clinical support from a professional colleague irrespective of location.
The Government persona sent in some key feedback bordering on local data compartmentalization at the back-end to enable the government tap into the data for valuable insights in the healthcare sector especially the maternal and child healthcare indices which prior before now, the data is inconsistency and unreliable as the fidelity and accuracy of such data can't be guaranteed.
From the above, you can see how we Pivoted to accommodate our carefully graded but integrated classes of Persona (three classes) which are interwoven in their needs to form the synergy needed to drive the healthcare narratives to the positive side. With this approach, i strictly adopted a Human-Centered Design Approach in crafting our solution, and will still maintain this approach as we hope to go into final selection by OpenIDEO and go through Acceleration and incubation process to scale and roll out our solution in good scale and proportions.
This mainly adds to the Strengthening of the Support System as an integral part of supporting the journey to a new life.