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Merel commented on Tiny Lotus

Hi Yuxi! Good hearing back from you: let's connect next week. You can reach me at or Looking forward to talk more :-)

Can't wait for your service to be coming to the US :-) As a mom of a 2year old, non-US, living in the USA, we've been trying to find a nanny that fits our values (on food, on spiking curiosity, on attachment parenting and lots of other particular little things) and it's been an never-ending, depleting journey with no results so far. We interviewed so many nannies and I guess just gave up at one point. Finding the right caretaker is so important, yet so difficult and knowing that it would be easier to see if values are aligned would make this search a lot easier. I'd love to hear how your idea develops!

I <3 The Inc.!! You ladies are absolutely amazing! My daughter loves going there, playing with her friends, while I get to work. She'll say: "Mommy working? yes? Juniper working? Yes!". Knowing that she loves going there, that I'll be able to get work done and at the same time modeling to her that being a mom and entrepreneur can co-exist feels like a huge win. It feels much nicer then a nanny-share, with me going to a co-working space because there is the added benefit of a community of other parents. The only sad thing is that we're now in California and there's no Inc here...yet. Keeping my fingers crossed there will be one here soon :-)