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Auden commented on Operation PeaceMaker

women's rights are truly the key to any prosperous and secure society. Raising awareness amongst boys and men as well is very crucial. I would recommend their engagement.

What a great idea, congratulations. Please see some suggested answers to your questions:

How could we reduce costs of SuperAdobe in innovative ways? What other innovations could be used within SuperAdobe to make the spaces more like home?

Seek volunteer architects and interior designers to help assist in the design process. There are many talented people who would contribute their ideas and skills to help those in need through probono work.

How could we ensure SuperAdobe is in line with Shelter specific standards?

I would work with UNHRC to answer this question.

In other areas in the world (especially in a refugee crises) how has SuperAdobe gained acceptance and approval by government?

Present your ideas and concepts to government relief agency officials so they develop a better understanding of what your work will achieve. Best of luck!

Dear TBB Team,

Best of luck to you in helping refugees. Regarding your two questions:
For companies that agree to work with us, we have a 6-18 month gap between identifying candidates that they would like to match to immediate jobs and the processing phase (security screening, etc). HR departments are traditionally very focused on filling current jobs, so working with us is not seen by them as a value proposition. For the largest potential impact, we want to be integrated in their daily hiring process. How might we work with corporate HR departments in a way that they see value and want to engage more?
I would recommend seeking out stable communications with HR departments, to they view you as an employment organization. Send regular weekly or monthly updates to them, highlight the success of some of the refugees you placed. Become a known quantity to them, and seek out recommendations from other companies so that they see the value of working with you. I am not sure what you mean by security screening but perhaps partner with an organization that provides security clearances and see if they would do pro bono work? By the time these refugees arrive in most countries (at least Canada and the United States) they have been vetted for security concerns.

On your second question: Partner with front line relief organizations who are supporting refugees. Become part of the packet of information available to them as they sort through what is left of their lives. Be seen as much of a resource as food tickets, medical care, etc. Be seen as their hope for the future.