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Hi Anne! Happy to share our measurement criteria.

Currently we measure chronic disease follow-up, which we define as "The % of indicated follow-up interactions (among patients enrolled in our chronic disease registry) that occurred." We aim to hit 90% follow up rate every quarter. Moreover, a successful follow up is currently a follow up interaction at our hospital hub (patients are reminded to go by a CHW in their village). In the next few months, we aim to include followup via a Community Health Worker using community-level clinical protocols.

Hope this helps a bit!


Laura commented on Group Care for Child Health

Thanks, Adi!

For our first CAB meeting we received a large volume of feedback for all our program and implementation research so to lay out the specific plan to include CAB feedback we aim to follow up with our chairperson and include him in the coming discussions for Group ANC. Currently, we envision this process as ourCHW Leaders finding the pregnant women in the community and counseling them to come to our Group ANC. We can also include rally, role play, and community awareness programs as one of the intervention to solve the community problem in participatory action piece of Group ANC.

It's great to read this update! I especially love this line: "First, related to program development, we learned that often times even well-informed assumptions are incorrect."

For the follow-up visits (which sound fascinating) do community members come back to the clinic, or do you deliver care at their house? How are you facilitating follow-up protocol? I'm especially interested since follow-up care is something we measure at Possible and there are always challenging cultural, social, and geo barriers to initiating them perfectly and regularly.