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Dear friend ... Sorry for the inconvenience to you
Accept me all appreciation and admiration, because you did not give up losing the sense of sight because you did what the inability of many of have the gift of grace sighted.
Thank you for this very important intervention on the whole of humanity.
I am very sorry for not mentioning ours loved ones with disabilities of all kinds, but my excuse is that this invention benefits all members of the sustainable society of all kinds in the remote places away from the big cities because there are no paved roads sufficient to allow the movement of a large number of people, where to establishment of the paved roads with illumination costs the budgets of these countries large sums of moneys that these countries cannot provide, for that to allow safe travel at night to specialized medical personnel to implement full immunizations against diseases and spread health awareness among these poor communities who do not have the money to travel to hospitals in distant cities, Especially ours loved ones with disabilities of all kinds who are unable to move and cannot afford the risk of traveling, on roads non-luminous at night, very overcrowded during the day,
Also in order to travel insurance for long distances on roads at night where there is no lighting, for vehicles equipped to donate blood, which has blood quality analysis laboratories and preserves and then return to the blood banks in the main cities To reach blood donors in communities that live in remote places away from urbanization because they are poor people who do not have the money to travel to the blood donation banks in the main cities, which contributes strongly to increase the blood yield and save many lives.
Yours Very Respectfully
Mohamed Metwalli Khalifa Saleh (Mohamed Saleh)

This invention will save the lives of millions of poor and marginalized people around the world based on Safe transition is the main engine of sustainable society for easy communication between the developed peoples and the marginalized poor people in the remote places away from the big cities to spread health awareness and help in the Supplementing vaccinations against diseases with treatment of diseases and the dissemination of science and equality among the woman's and men's to provide employment opportunities for all individuals in these disenfranchise communities, to stop ignorance of customs this is the most important goal of gender equality in treatment, science and employment.
As the implementation continues over the years will keep the good life of billions of people and the loss of money, whether to reduce the accidents of night vehicles due to lack of night lighting or lack of vaccinations Against diseases and lack of health awareness among those living in remote areas far from hospitals in major cities ... It is one of the most successful types of investment in people and money with the opening of new areas of work and dissemination of science