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LUU commented on The construction of Garden City to repel mosquito!

Well, I think in order to see if the garden city idea workable or not, it is necessary to research on the influential area of plants and the duration of those special chemicals. Will it be far enough to cover people's residential area? 


LUU commented on Art At The End

Hi Lily, 

I really love this. It is a romantic and artistic way for people pass their spirit on the next generations. This remind me of those family portraits in old castle. They would definitly be the most valuable property for a family.

This is a brilliant project. Many strategies I saw in this platform are trying to solve the issue through either technical or business approaches. But your project chooses to focus on social participation. This is practical and can modify public’s awareness about the food waste and shortage issues fundamentally. It has strong value for expansion in different regions of the world.

For the building of trust relationship, I think it may be possible to make those people who receive donated food get involved into the establishment process of this project as well. They should not only receive food and get help, but also contribute to the process through different ways with the guide of experts, such as help manage the food distribution process, storage, handling, etc. Other stakeholders get involved in the food distribution chain could be invited as well to participate into the management and operation processes. When people are not just donate food or receive food through this program, they might treat this project as their own business as well. Hope this will help construct a sense of belonging for stakeholders involved in this participatory program. And it would also make the process more transparent for public.