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Thanks for your feedback of elaborating more on the specific Nike Grind materials into our current products, which I have taken considerable sentences to describe in details and updated to the main texts already, thanks very much !
In addition to our current products, much more products can be implemented using Nike Grind materials (including composite) if the outlet or sales channels can be identified with sizable volume together with effective binder of FPC using existing plastic machines such as injection molding, forming, thermo forming, and extrusion machines without modification.

Thanks for your sharing, I have added more on the "Upcycling Capability" of the FPC based products in the updated main text, with attachments of such documentation. Many thanks !

Sorry for the late reply.
1. Need the whole plastic industry to move together, upstream material provider like us, middle stream manufacturers and downstream users/brands, so cooperation is the key and promotion/education is the catalyst. We may face resistance from some upstream material producer in the petro-chemical industry if they don't want to make a change.
2. Since the production is compatible with all traditional plastic production methods, so there are not too much technical difficulties to convert. We need to let users/brands to embrace the FPC to replace/reduce plastics with long-term pricing the same with plastics, although in the beginning price may be a little bit higher
3. US Patent #US8389110B2 March 5, 2013
Taiwan Patent #I367234 July 1, 2012
China Patent #ZL20090226380 Dec. 28, 2011
4. Our website contains only some no-so-updated information. I have updated my profile here per your suggestion
5. One large page of Poster file is also included here per your suggestion just a few minutes ago. There are several real product images in the poster for your references