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Emelia commented on Omega Logistics Project

Well its good that this project will help handling wastages, this kind of Logistics is very important especially to perishable goods. If they will not do this kind of logistics project this will lead decrease their profit and this will lead them to huge penalty. This will also help boost the economy and their target market. Logistics can be very critical and crucial here and this must be very definite in order to have a good process.

Emelie Ingram, Logistics
BR International Value Added Services Logistics

In a logistics service it is a must that you can provide a reliable service so that the customer will be satisfied and if the customer will be satisfied he or she will refer you to other potential clients. Reducing costing is good also because the clients will be more interested or are very interested when they know that they can reduce costs when they avail the service. Never let your reliability go down and you need to maintain the quality of the services.

Emelia Ingram, Logistics
BR International Logistics Services Australia


Emelia commented on Shortening the Supply Chain

Its good to shorten the supply chain but maximise the efficiency. When shortening the supply chain sometimes the processes are affected but a good supply chain even if you shorten it the flexibility and efficiency will still remain. A successful supply chain leads to economic growth, great partner relationship, strong client relationship, can create new opportunities and innovative technology solutions. A successful supply chain must be adaptive and responsive to any changes and must still remain the efficiency.

Emelia Ingram, Marketing
BR International Supply Chain Consulting