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James commented on Makerspaces

Jony Ive (Apple) has long made the same criticism of universities saying they don't do enough to give students practical skills as they no longer have the amazing workshops due to their cost. Laptop spaces are quite simply cheaper.

One response is noteworthy by IDEO's Ian Coates MacColl who asked why Apple employees are so secretive and don't offer some of their time to teaching.


James commented on Colleges Connecting with Communities

One of the best things about college is the residential college part for those schools that prioritize that. I wish more universities/colleges offered better opportunities to make friends with other people at college, but the outside community is also important too.

I lived at Goodenough in London which is a postgrad only community with many common spaces that regularly invited the outside community in for interesting talks by thought leaders and accompanies by free port. I fell in love with Goodenough more than where I was studying.


James commented on Undocumented Students

No person should be left behind. One of the most beautiful things about the internet is that it distributes access to education for all. Many university courses rely on books that are reserved for the privileged. Either individuals can't afford all the books they need to read from the beginning to the end or if they have a local library, that library can't afford to get the latest books for students to browse through. Having the latest books is a competitive advantage of elite institutions that leaves other students twenty years behind the avant-garde. 

Pirated books are helping students in low-income neighborhoods bridge this gap. Thick photocopied books of copied content. I once found an image "do not copy this copy" as even the pirates want to protect the time they took to copy the book. :) One professor found a black market book in China that said it was by him, but he hadn't written it. Someone had watched the free online lectures and transcribed them. This is a clear desire path to change the medium that we as a society publish our best thoughts. While blogs and online content have risen in popularity over the past decade, what if they became the highest priority. The academic line of 'publish or perish' in a peer reviewed journal was changed for a peer-reviewed blog opening access for all.