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Hello Mr. William,
That is a brilliant observation and we owe you so much for that. We have to say it, we admit we over looked to deal with mice, fungi, and moisture content onto a drying platform. With due respect Sir, the idea you have brought to us is not wide spread in Malawi and there is little evidence that the community we serve is aware of it. Most of the small scale farmers in our target area are still using clay and thatched grass storage huts.
We have gone through the Web links and references that you gave us and we have found them educative. In the circumstances, our position now is that INCH and Mbawemi will introduce the use long lasting and low maintenance metal roofs Mobile utility GDLI. We have noticed several benefits that our project beneficiaries can get and opposed to an obsolete communal storage or plastic GDLI. To mention few, these are:
• As Bessonova (2015) put it, it is easy to transport and cost-effective. Hence, as Letner (2016) enlightens us, the 30 women cooperative association will find it necessary to scale and deliver safe surplus food to markets;
• Reliable, easy access, processing, and cleaning;
• With high utility metal roofs, walls, and cone shaped floors that are raised above rats and ground water, the GDLI is a breathable storage and may help our project beneficiaries to mitigate condensation and protect many types of grain (e.g., maize grain and paddy rice) which is produced in Nkhata-Bay District.
• We have also found that it may assist them in scaling where and when effective storage is needed;
We have no doubt that this has a positive impact on our target and ignoring its use means letting oneself to fail—it is a suicide mission. We will replicate the Ghanaian experiences in Malawi. We treasure this opportunity. Thank you so much for inestimable insights you have rendered to us.
Kind regards,
Mofat Phiri, BCom, MIR
Executive Director (Acting)

Hello Mr. William Lanier, in liaison with Agricultural Development Division (ADD) (a government arm on agriculture), the Council, Area Development Committee (ADC), and village Development Committee (VDC), the project shall secure communal land for construction of community granaries and communal drying areas. The ADD shall provide trainings in post harvest handling or management to the targeted project beneficiaries. The Local Council, ADC, and VDC shall provide communal lands and pass foods security by laws that promote and mainstream post harvest handling methods as part of communal laws.
The granaries are to be built by the community with technical input from national food reserve agency.