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I like this challenge but is there any incentive for the winning submission?


Sidd commented on CrisisTracker: Real-time Social Media Curation

The concept sounds good. The idea is great but needs some more thought. It seems to have some predispositions that may not be entirely true. Are you presuming that people during time of violence will have access to a desktop or even a technology such as a smart phone in these areas of violence? Who is going to end up using it?

There is too much information. I would recommend funneling down the idea into something as robust as Twitter. Twitter is simple. It allows you to Tweet using a phone. In your concept, however, I fail to see what a real-user would actually do. Do you have real use-cases and users who have tested your system?

Do you think this tracker can be adapted for any crisis such as Human Trafficking?

Great work though! This is an amazing start.


Sidd commented on The Indian City Through the Perspective of a Cow

Hi Rebecca,

Your study is very insightful. It is quite true about the nature of treatment given to in cities and whenever I happen to go back to India, I can't help but go through a scale of emotions of how they are treated in big cities. You said it right that road kill isn't there yet and I hope it never will be.

I really liked your drawings.

- Sidd