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Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your questions. With regards to the legal aspects of formal employment, we aren't necessarily seeking to employ the IDPs/refugees or help them find more traditional employment, but we know that IDPs have a more challenging time legally than refugee when they work. This is also the case when it comes to business registration. A refugee will need a legal ID/residency to be able to register a business work, but an IDP faces more restrictions when it comes to ownership. For instance, it is often the case that if they are allowed to register a business, it may need to happen with shared ownership with a local.

For sustainability, we are going to expand our business model to begin charging for certain programming but in a way that ensures that we can support those who are more vulnerable and unable to pay. The next incubator program will remain cost-free for the entrepreneurs, and they will continue to receive small monthly stipends. The stipend is not high enough that it would encourage someone to join the program just to obtain this stipend. Additionally, we seek to ensure that the application process is competitive/rigorous enough that we will hopefully be able to tell if someone is only applying for financial reasons.

I hope that helps! I'd be happy to hear more about your experience in the KRI. Please feel free to email me at patricia(at)!

Hi Anubha -- I think narrowing down the tasks as you've suggested is a good idea. One thing we tried to do is to create a sort of "advisory council" of our peers so that they have more ownership of certain parts of our work -- for example, mentorship, corporate outreach, etc. The WhatsApp group is also another great suggestion because we can pull talent when we need it!

I'm looking forward to checking out your new website :)

Macheru, thank you very much for your kind words! We definitely agree with regards to entrepreneurial skills being universal. The skills are something a person can use whether they decide to stay in their new communities or go back to their homes. Additionally, I think many of the skills entrepreneurs have are very useful outside the context of starting one's own business!