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Isabella commented on Business: In the mood for food

Hi alrie Middlebrow - This is quite an ambitious and inspiring idea! I love the details you have provided and would love to hear more in order to make this proposal a reality.
For instance:
- How do we encourage restaurants to grow their own food?
- What resources would we need to implement this idea?
I located this link which strongly relates to this proposal and can provide inspiration!


Isabella commented on The Urban Village

Hi The Urban Village - This is a strong start to a proposal. I love the details involving the implementation and motivation behind the idea. I really want to learn more, in order for this idea to become a reality.
For instance:
- How could we make this idea the most cost-effective?
- What are some resources that we could utilize in implementing this process?


Isabella commented on Tours and Demos of Decarbonized homes/businesses

Hi Deepti - Thanks for starting to create a proposal. I would love to hear more. What exactly is the outline for your proposal?
For instance:
- Who would be in charge of this event?
- What resources would be needed?