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Daisy commented on Taking "green" mainstream

There is a sizeable and growing cohort in the environmental movement that deals directly with environmental justice, and human-centric language to discuss the importance of cleaning up the environment in achieving real justice for impoverished and neglected communities.

On of the biggest difficulties with climate change is the seemingly distant nature of the problem, and the connection with near-term impacts can often be dismissed as "uncertain". Scientists sticking to science are often unwilling to claim that a problem today is "beyond a reasonable doubt" linked to climate change. It is hard to pin down the facts of a global system changing on a scale that isn't always evident. In order to engage people more deeply, the short-term benefits of the policies we adopt and the technology that we promote must be evident, and must be trumpeted and championed.


Daisy commented on Building the next generation of climate leaders

The ACE assembly is an incredibly effective tool to spread a positive message to the next generation that change is possible, climate solutions are in their grasp, and that they can make a difference. At scale, ACE has the power to shift the thinking of the next generation of leaders as they are transitioning into adulthood, and to influence their decision making for many years to come. The combination of the influence of ACE's educational assembly plus effective campaigns involving youth in clean energy solutions is a powerful way to create long-term solutions at scale.