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Johnny commented on Make social service provision, well, more social.

Hey thanks for this, Tanja! Yes, I think you're absolutely right. I've given you a laundry list of all my favorite things and each element could definitely be broken down into and number of combinations. The main thing for me is how to leverage space and existing points of human contact to refer people to what they need in life. For many folks who aren't as plugged in to the online world, these moments are precious.


Johnny commented on Decode the Codes

Hi-fives on this great concept, Mike! Every community in America faces this issue, super relevant. It's clear we've got the resource and supply side of things covered with space, and I'd like to see a piece of this concept focus on making visible the demand side of things. Is there an interactive way to help community members express how they'd like to see the space used? I like the visual you have above outlining the project on a board at the site. What if people could text to "like" while walking by or spread the word in some other way that sends a signal to the city that this would be a popular change? I think policymakers are interested to hear this kind of thing early in the planning process--somehow bringing the town hall meeting on the issue to the streets. Rooting for this one! Really like where it's headed!


Johnny commented on Occupy All Streets. (“99%” + “1%” + G*)

This is really great, Saul! Timely too! And right on track through partnerships as I see it.
One piece of advice--when working with the 'other' team, let's see if we can move away from labels. The 1% know where they are in terms of income, but that doesn't actually define them in most cases. These folks are just as proud of the communities where they come from just like you and me--and they really don't like all of the baggage that comes with the 1% label (eek, hope nobody freaks out that I'm standing up for the 1%...). But you've already got it in the sense that we can't get this done without them. Philanthropic capital is the rarest form of capital out there, and often times the most valuable because of its potential for leverage. Just wanted to encourage you to think of a way that's inclusive of this small, but critical group of folks (but also not pandering!). Tight rope to balance, but let's do it!