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Kellie commented on Creative Recognition From Your Family

I think this is so simple and so powerful.

And you also made me think, what if this concept could extend beyond supportive parents? Or what about those kids who don't have supportive adults in their lives? Perhaps it could become more of a cultural norm for the work of young children to be displayed in the community. Maybe in coffee shops, on park fences, wherever kids know that people may walk by and admire their work, just like your parents did for you.


Kellie commented on Going cold turkey

Thanks for posting this! As someone who gets accused frequently of being far too attached to her smart phone, I appreciate how important it can be to unplug.

Your post also got me thinking about what we all do on these magical devices... and unfortunately, when I think about what I do, I usually get caught in an endless cycle of checking Facebook, reading article upon article, watching video upon video, etc. etc. Essentially, just trying to consume as much information as possible, but never actually creating anything! Obviously, all of this information I consume could serve as inspiration down the road, but it could also inhibit me from taking action on something.

I do think devices and technology have the ability to inspire creativity, but the thing is... they have to prompt us to create, not just consume.

...Much like Open IDEO does :)


Kellie commented on Play Me, I'm Yours (Street Pianos - Luke Jerram)

There was another post about providing "20% Inspiration" which I think applies perfectly to your question. I am just wondering... is one persons 20% another persons 5%? Maybe this would be enough for some people, but others would need some sheet music at the piano... or better yet, an easier instrument :)