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Mufaddal commented on The Power and Resilience of Community

Hi Naman Mandhan !
Thank you for you story. I'm a fellow boilermaker, and I actually remember the incidents you mentioned as I was a freshman at the time and was in the building at the time of the incident. I too learned the power of support that day. I remember sending and receiving messages from friends asking if everyone was safe. I realize that tragic incidents are very powerful in bringing the community together as they overshadow the small problems that can distance individuals.

I started to wonder how this type of support in non-emergency situations might effect relationships and one's own emotions. I started messaging my friends daily with small compliments and reasons why I was glad they were in my life. In the beginning, the results were as expected. My friends were pleased but a little confused. I told them it would be a daily occurrence and no reciprocation was needed. Mostly, I received "thank you" as replies, but as I continued, I noticed my friends would approach me in person and thank me or reciprocate by giving me a compliment. They also informed me of their improvements in mood and self-esteem. Eventually a few of them decided to take up my experiment for themselves and start sending daily messages.

My most interesting observation, however, was my own improvement in mood. Given that it was a daily routine, my messages didn't always get responses or acknowledgement, but I still felt a sense of joy and happiness. Many individuals possess gratitude for various things, but it seems as though consciously expressing that gratitude stimulates happiness. Perhaps that explains the success of you gratitude board. When we say aloud the things we a grateful for it reinforces that feeling.
Thanks for reading- Mufaddal