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Zaila commented on Shaax iyo Sheeko (Tea and Talk)

Hello Lul!

Your programs sounds great. Have you incorporated your "Shaax and Sheeko' circles with any books? We run a youth center in Kismayo and from early on we introduced books to our storytelling circles. It was really popular and it made many young brave to stand in front of crowds to tell stories or recite poems. Hope the young women contribute to from oral society culture to academic society culture.

I can suggest you some Af Somali books to get. Books inspire more instant ideas and have tendency to leave indelible marks on young minds. Books, whether simple storybooks, poetry or history can have a long lasting and positive memories. And with books, those young women who develop deeper thoughts on any of the topics mentioned in any of the "sheeko" circles will have an opportunity to be alone with the book to get deeper into the topics that interest them.

Good luck and share some photos/links.


Zaila commented on Kismayo Friends of the Environment

Hi Ezra,

Thanks again for the awesome encouragements. Tree Tracker is a wonderful and 21st century project.

Consider us signed up. We will engage the youth to just do that-take up their Android phones and get on with the program. They will love it I am sure. It's a great challenge and easy one to accomplish with huge benefits to our planet. Thanks Ezra again.


Zaila commented on Kismayo Friends of the Environment

Hi Ezra!

Thanks for reaching out to us. We really love doing something great for our environment. Thirty years ago, this region was a tourist magnet as the equator passes here. With all sorts of wild life roam the land and there was beautiful protected green area- Lag Badane Nature Reserve-just south west of Kismayo.

We started planting trees for free at a local community housing project in West Kismayo,. Soon after, individuals and groups who run stadiums, schools, worship houses and other public spaces started calling us for trees. With these activities, we were able to inspire more and more young people to become more connected to nature from sea shores to rivers and we asked them to reclaim some clear cut areas and start planting trees. In the last 3 months, volunteer youth groups began to setup plant nursery business and we are just that much encouraged to do more by using their positive energy.

Sure, we can collaborate on the tree planting program. I sent you an email. We can follow up on each other more and exchange ideas. We developed an idea where every 5 adjacent trees planted, we assign a person or a group to be the custodian of the new trees. They take care of it and we pay regular visits to them as much as we can.