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Jacob commented on Dementia Home Support System

Hi Marley Brown thank you very much for your message!

I think your product looks great and I love your idea!

The user group I worked along side with when designing the Dementia Home Support System were all pretty savvy when it came to using current technology and had no issues when it came to smart phones and keeping in touch with people etc.
Therefore, I wanted to take my product a level further and design a system that would work with future Dementia patients as they become even more technology savvy.

I wish you all the best with your project! << I don't suppose you've seen this from a company in the Netherlands?


Jacob commented on Dementia Home Support System

Hi @Randi Sargent thanks for your message!
What you're doing sounds great!
The focus group that I worked with had Early Stage Dementia and their overall opinions were that they found the labels unnecessary for their current stage.
I am trying to steer away from any stigma or patronisation with the Dementia Home Support System - in fact I don't even want to have the word 'Dementia' in the title of the product, since that immediately categories the product itself.

Thank you very much for your message


Jacob commented on Dementia Home Support System

Hi Sophie,
Thank you very much for your kind comments. And thank you for sharing your father's story. That's a really good insight. There is a screen on top of the Home Hub in order for answers to be displayed visually, whether that be text and/or symbol form, in order for the user to understand the answer the best for them. To activate the Home Hub, you have to touch the screen on the top, rather then having to remember a prompt word like 'Okay Google,...' or 'Alexa,...'. A physical moving rather then a knew name is much less likely to be forgotten. Also, the screen on top can constantly display 'Touch to ask me a question', but there is no reason why this message could not be changed to display a different message tailored to a specific user, like the example you have given.
I could be interesting cognitive test too - I have come across an interesting theory of 'Re-mentia'; where people can still obviously learn new things despite having Dementia