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An Innovative Way of Waste Plastic Utilisation
Waste plastic is one of the most dangerous menaces the world encounters. In a sense, it is more disastrous than the world wars waged or any such possible catastrophes that may occur in future. It endangers the fauna and flora of the world. It pollutes land, water and air. It kills all beings very silently including human beings. It is said that there will be more plastic than all the fish in the sea by 2050. An effective and complete check to this danger is not in view of scientists even. All of the suggested remedies have one or the other drawback. If it can be converted to fuel like diesel, the smoke emitted from it will begin to pollute the environment again.
It has already been established that once it is deposited any way in the earth, it will remain unaffected or non-degraded for millions of year. That is, it has the quality of durable existence. So it may be feasible to try it to utilize for long standing and passive utilities like construction materials. Studies conducted by experts of plastic have already established scientifically that it can be used for producing Construction Materials.
Plastic Reinforced Light RCC Block(PRLRB)shall be an innovative construction material made using common concrete, cement mixed waste plastic particles and non corrosive wire net. Cement mixed waste plastic is formed as an “inside block”, to be contained in the light RCC cabinet, inserted at the time of moulding itself so that it never comes in contact with the outside atmosphere. As the wire net used is also fully plastic coated, it never subjects to corrosion. One block of 12x6x6 inch will contain at least 250 gram of waste plastic. Thus one lakh plastic reinforced light RCC Block will consume one 25,000 kg of waste plastic.
As sample, one Plastic Reinforced Light RCC Construction Block is presented herewith. This is having dimension of an ordinary cement construction block. This is sturdy and strong enough to withstand pressure equal to ordinary blocks. This can be used to make dwelling house walls, compound walls, pavement blocks, filling space between pillars of multi storied building etc.
The manufacturing of this block in large scale will give new employment opportunities to lakhs of youths in national level. The product is cost effective comparing with the conventional cement blocks.