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In your cause to support single mothers, released from prison to build social enterprises to ensure that they can support their children. This would make a huge social impact on these families and have positive future outcomes on the children. Considering the following, I aim to contribute, in suggesting other methods that can be used, in making this mission that you have set Brem, to help these families to ‘stay free’. Ensuring positive future outcomes for their children too, so as they too will be able to create sustainable futures.

Firstly, what comes to mind is, part of what causes an individual to take an unlawful route, and to be lured by criminality, is the individual unintentionally dehumanizing others and not realizing others needs and feelings. This could be due to their primary relationship with their mother and/or father which if it was an insecure relationship, this will affect how they relate to others. This needs to be identified to ensure the awareness of the effect this might have on how they choose to parent their own children and also how it might affect their relationships with others and how it has affected limited success in areas they may have otherwise been successful, such as gaining an education. Research shows that becoming deregulated in your emotions, affects memory and how successful you will be in learning & in your career, being aware of this in the anger management training is important. Once this happens an individual can become secure by changing their behavior towards others and through this awareness, the mother’s can feel empowered, gaining a positive sense of self.

Re-engaging these mothers to taking into consideration their peers and their children’s feelings will make them more sensitive and considerate to others needs and will lead to their own needs being met. There is research to show that helping others contributes to an individual’s happiness, therefore installing this in them, to whenever possible help their peers and their children to achieve a certain outcome, will improve their mood. Ensuring positive relationships are then being built with their children and peers. This will also build support networks, which will make it less likely that these single mothers will re-offend.

As well as this ensuring there is a child-centered approach where the child’s opinions and feelings are taken into consideration, in the support they are giving, to empower the children.

Re-enforcing honesty, integrity and respect by modelling this to the mothers, by treating them in this way to rebuild the image that they have of their treatment by others. This will change how they respond to their children and to their peers and will ensure that they become supportive to others and are more open to receiving support.

Another important aspect that would have a huge social impact on these mothers would be to support them to identify who they are as individuals, reinforcing their identity which will support their social and emotional development as being previously labelled as a criminal can leave them feeling devalued. which will contribute to ensuring that they are mentally healthy. Ways that this can be done is through photography. This can be used to record their journey as you would use learning journeys for children. This will focus on both the children’s and the mother’s achievements and their positivity. This will function to integrate them into society, giving them a sense of belonging which is important, showing them where they fit in and the key role that they play.

Something else that isn’t specified is, how the children are supported in terms of their social and emotional development and how they can be made aware of their experiences, how it might affect them and understanding the feelings and actions of their mothers. Given their experiences and individual needs which may not have been identified before and may not have been met. This could be done through role play, ensuring that positive relationships are built through understanding what their mothers have experienced, and they were brought up, making the children resilient to any hardship in the future and rising beyond this. Installing a sense of honest, integrity and respect by treating the children in this way, even when they show challenging behavior will install a sense of trust and ensure that they act in a caring way towards others.

Respite care, that will allow the mothers to have adult conversations, reflecting on their achievements and what they would like to improve on will also build confidence and ensure they build a sustainable future by building support networks. This also encourages quality time with their children as when you are around your child or children for long periods without any respite, this can lead to the mother becoming insensitive to the child’s needs and feeling overwhelmed.

Hope this has offered some more insight into what could potentially be developed.

It sure is Carolina, Brem was born to offset carbon emissions and reforest degraded land. A percentage of 42.4% of Eastern Ghats shows soil degradation, this is 74,200 Hectares in total to be exact. Brem gave an estimate of 5000 but this is based on the figure of a 1.8% degradation before soil analysis. This shows, the shear scale of this project and why economic investment is so important.

Badri, The Eastern Ghats cover 1,750km so that is the area Brem is focusing on right Brem? Brem is also looking at, to what extent the degradation has effected the area. Looking at your idea Brem, I can see that it is current and innovative, it won't only have a positive social impact on this area but it will have a positive social impact on neighbouring areas too! Also Brem did add some quantifiable information that gives you an idea of the area, he suggested 1600 hectares of degraded land for an area of Northern Ghats where an IRL project was implemented.