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Thanks Jamie, you're exactly right, as I think perhaps sometimes it's not even considered in the design process, as it's likely not even on the Agenda. I read an article on the BBC ( that listed some of worst offenders in terms of recycling. These are the things that we think are recyclable, but in practice, while they are, they get rejected in the MRF and then end up in landfill anyway!

I wonder if the designer of the luzozade bottle (which is a PET bottle inside a PE Sleeve) knew for instance, that by making the exterior out of PET or by using modern inkjet or screen printing techniques could dramatically increase recycle rates witha minimal cost impact?

There's also another message here - if two parts of any packaging needs to be separated, manufacturers should make it clear to the consumer that they need to separate items before putting in the recycling! Personally, I think the government should legislate that for items made of multiple materials, this must be clearly labelled as such. And while they are at it legislate for compulsory recycling instructions, and a recyclability/sustainability traffic light system. :)

Hi Kate,
Good to be on board! I agree about pricing, and it's certainly worth comparing existing solutions to more environmentally responsible ones in terms of cost to the manufacturer. I think many of the choices in multiple packing materials are down to the mechanical properties (does it need to tear, airtightness, how stiff does it need to be) and this is something that would be great to investigate.

Joanna Malaczynski 's contribution is particularly interesting - I hadn't really though about the impact of locally available sustainable packaging options - definitely something to think about.

Kate Rushton Thanks for letting me know about the London Chapter - I'll get involved!