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Eric commented on Compost for Food

Hello Youth of Tomorrow: You have added a perspective that our group, HarvestLink (we also have submitted an idea) had not thought of, as a use for our mobile application, which is currently targeted for farmers and consumers. Your compost sources are upstream supplies that should be integrated into the food supply chain. Thanks so much! We are working on a project in Baltimore, Maryland, that promotes the creation of urban farms in open spaces and vacant lots, and creating an electronic marketplace for producers to make their foodstuffs available to local consumers, including schools, shelters, and other organizations serving the community. This would require but a minor adjustment to our algorithm to connect upstream suppliers (including people with seedlings, ethnic food ideas, etc...) to connect into the food supply. Kudos! We may want to connect up with you as we do some fine-tuning in our application in the future. Our team, by the way, has tremendous experience working with women farmers in Afghanistan, so there may actually be a more immediate opportunity to collaborate!


Eric commented on Building Sustainable Rural Community Resiliency

Hola Cantera! We, at HarvestLink, are working in a similar setting to yours, seeking to provide mobile applications to increase food security by directly connecting farmers and consumers. Our target audience, in Africa, is generally not accessible because of a lack of transportation infrastructure, market knowledge, and general refrigeration. We are attempting to shorten the time between harvest and consumption, to increase the nutritional value of foods consumed (before they spoil...) and make sure that farmers (mostly women, in the African context) are fairly compensated for their agricultural efforts. Let us know if you might be interested in collaborating. There are synergies, I believe, between our ideas!

Hello Appetite for Change: We, at HarvestLink, feel like kindred spirits in our efforts to address food insecurity. We are currently working on an effort in Baltimore, in partnership with academia, USDA, and some high level food supply experts, to connect urban farmers with food deserts. The technology segment of our solution employs commonly available mobile technologies (smartphones and tablets, for example) to create an hyperlocal electronic marketplace, where farmers at the urban periphery (where land is cheaper) can connect with consumers, many of whom don't have access to supermarkets or box stores. Let us know if you might be interested in collaborating. We have posted an idea as well, which is more focused on Africa ~ but with global impacts in mind, including our own backyards. The Twin Cities would provide ideal peri-urban settings for HarvestLink, particularly because of the high availability of mobile technology access in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul.