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priyanka commented on Rebirth - A Karmic Cycle

True.. It is the heart and not the mind. Let's flip this one and speak about those who caused distress for others, constantly. The best example I can think of is Valmiki who composed Ramayan - an epic. Valmiki was a thief/killer and he turned into a sage when someone (Lord Rama) good educated him about the wrong deeds. Would you consider that he died a peaceful death? No one knows. A person who did a bad deed and later realizes his mistakes and corrects them and does good - This transition is hard as he/ she has to undergo the emotional pain, mind pain, societal pain to change. Love, comfort and blessings are all interesting words to nurture the mind again. When you love someone so much and that person dies - You only will cherish the good moment with him/her. If the same person did wrong things (socially defined and you as a human can no way judge) the karma gives the pain is my case here.

Dharma is a duty and Karma is a deed. Not to be confused. Karma is " Reap what you sow" and Dharma is " You have to sow". If an innocent child dies within a day after its birth do you think the Karma would have done that? We as humans and social animals do karma everyday. We are a store house of billions of living organisms and we kill them in some form or the other. Think again.... Love, compassion, tolerance, forbearance, blessings is all there when you have a RELATION (any). Would we feel the same when there is a death in the other part of the planet whom we don't know at all as much as for our near ones? Why is that when we are coming from the same path, made up of living organisms, share the same air, land etc... why don't we really feel for others whom we don't know? The answer is RELATIONSHIPS. But Karma does not connect. It attacks and gives what everyone deserves. Having this in mind helps in this 21st century where our emotional intelligence is very high. No one knows what Karma is and there is not tangible visibility but there is a feeling for oneself and there is an impression from others. This impression could be wrong/right. So I say the Karma will decide. 


priyanka commented on Foodingame Certification Program

Ahmed, I am myself trying to imagine a lot of personae. This takes time and works out very well if people have their mobile phones telling them about how to eat and what are the side effects of eating something. etc. Unfortunately, some food products like coke has benefits too. Should we ban it ? I am not sure.
We do not have complete evidence or correct knowledge to gauge what is right for us. It may sound contradicting because we love taste and don't know what happens afterwards. Eating too much sugar causes diabetes or is it because of the lifestyle? I am no nutritionist.

There needs to be a personal messaging service system that calculates the food-nutrition points and makes it available to users. Too many prereqs. Need to think further in the lines.


priyanka commented on Foodingame Certification Program

Its tricky :)
We need to consult nutritionist