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Gabriel commented on Food Flow - Reduce Food Waste, Gain Food Experiences

Hi Manik 

Your mentioned problems are definitely a concern. We have understood through our research that without a doubt making it human centered, interactive, insightful, educative and rewarding for the users it would make Food Flow appealing enough for volunteered food carriers to return and be active users. Our partnerships will definitely be key to the success. Our end goal is to build enough conscience in reducing food waste and making giving food away as easy as throwing it away that why wouldn't you? Or why wouldn't you tell others about doing it as well?

As far as the control of food inventory or food safety requirements we have responded to previous comments in regards to this. We certainly need to address it and we are currently still determining the best way to do so. We definitely think adding nutritional facts, dietary requirements and allergy alerts within the app would definitely be another great feature to add to Food Flow. Adding the dietary requirements feature along with the liability release form responding to the "Russel Bill" (that releases food donors from liability when they donate food that they believe will not cause any harm to an organization in need) signed before every pickup by the food businesses will help reiterate safety concerns.

Safety requirements could also be determined on the other end by the Food Shelters. They could note if there are any dietary concerns or restrictions to prevent such donations that could harm anyone there. 

Thank you for your feedback! If you have any other suggestions as to how we could best address your mentioned problems let us know.  We want this to be a long term solution. We hope we can reach implementation stage and refining our idea through this challenge has only made Food Flow better. 


Gabriel commented on Food Flow - Reduce Food Waste, Gain Food Experiences

Hey Buddhima 

Thanks for reaching out! It would definitely be great to get more designers & developers on board! Especially if you are also in the bay, it would make it easier to get instant feedback and bounce ideas. At the moment we are currently waiting to hear back from OpenIDEO. We are also looking into other options as to how to push the idea further and potentially find other sponsors. If you know of any other resources or challenges that we could apply to let us know!

Also what would be the best way to further connect with you?


Gabriel commented on Food Flow - Reduce Food Waste, Gain Food Experiences

Hey Philipp Unterreiner 

We definitely agree that the user experience needs to be gamified! It would definitely be interesting to try to develop a partnership with Pokemon GO and see how can that attract more users for Food Flow! If you have any additional insights as to what else would motivate you to be a Food Carrier let us know!

Thank you for your feedback!