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I don't doubt that it is a great idea. However, in my opinion, if there are some workshops of healthy diet may be much more greater. With my own experience, kids just go for the food fits their taste instead of health. That may be the reason why kids chips and burgers coz they are tasty. A workshop can educate the kids why they should take vege and fruit or say green food, learning about the benefit in these green food and motivate themselves to take part in the health diet program. Also, these kids who arrange the meal for the whole school can get the understanding and praise from their peers.


Neo commented on SolarCity

Hi Basel,
I believe solar power will replace any other fossil fuel all over the world in one day. However, there are a few obstructions to spread this clean energy in world wide.
in terms of the solar power, the current efficiency of per squaremeter of solar panels still stay at a low level. Let's say, the panel on the roof top of a hose may afford the usage of a household. However, it cannot afford the usage for the whole residents in a apartment coz it need more panel area.
In terms of solar city, its business model may work well in the developed countries. But its expand in the developing countries may be limited by the tax exemption and the credit system. the government of theses countries may not offer the same tax incentives, lead to the price of solar power won't be competitive to the fossil fuel. Also, the credit system in these countries is not developed. Solar City will bear a risk to install their solar power system without set up fees.
However, the developing countries need to switch to the clean energy ASAP due to the global envoironmental concern. the consumption of energy is so huge and the efficiency of these consumption is still quite low. Solar power can be a better alternative energy for developing countries. On the other hand, the developing countries is the biggest market for necessities´╝î only China and India can generate 2BN needs.


Neo commented on Sustainable living news and permaculture.

this remind me the shared economy. people look more at utilities instead of look for ownership. Cars, tools, people lend and borrow from their neighbour, communities... The emerge of UBER, AIRBNB is like copy this model from offline to online and maximize the communitie.