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Hey Karen, this looks like an amazing initiative! I think something that hit the nail dead on is that the movement towards solar is apart of this movement people are starting to make towards renewable energies; which is yet apart of the greater movement that is occurring as we begin to rethink and imagine the ways in which we shape and relate to our world.

I feel that in regards to the solar movement, it is a daunting prospect for someone to invest in going full solar and completely removing themselves from the grid. An excellent idea might be to have scalable ways for people to be able to implement solar. Perhaps using smaller panel arrays to reduce there energy consumption by increments of say 30%, 50%, and 100%. This would allow someone to work into a relation with solar energy. Slowly working towards going full solar.

Another thing that came to me while reading through was in regards to product transparency. Are solar companies able to provide full transparency of the life cycle analyses of their products? This is a big factor for people who might be conscious of solar energy but hesitant to act without knowing its impact to the environment. How do people know they're not trading a challenge we face now for another challenge we might end up facing later down the road as a result?

It's all about creating relationships and building trust. I think you have an excellent platform here for citizen engagement and participation that may just have a "jump on the band wagon" effect! Way to go!