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Jonah commented on The Afripad

Andy, thank you very much for responding to my questions. I would also like to share that the kenyan education system has a tradition of teaching and instructing children theoretically using the chalk and blackboard. Teachers explain elaborate processes or calculations with the hope that students will memorize and reproduce during assessments (examinations).
It takes time to get rid of traditions, to be successful in implementing the afripad project, try to build on kenyan teaching traditions by training teachers on how to integrate this new technology in their traditional instruction practices. Teachers will influence your success rate, if teachers embrace this technology students will follow suit.
It is also my informed opinion that the digital content reflects the National outlook of each country with respect to culture and environment. Do not adopt raw western content as it is not locally relevant. for example in maths' counting lesson the software should have video on children counting carmels, goats, cows, birds, sheep, potatoes, zebra etc. In science lesson about wild animals a video showing kenya's rich diversity of wild animals should be presented.
Wish you success in this noble endevour for the kenyan people, thanks.