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Hi Sathya,
I hope your project will develop.
Who knows maybe one day your idea will give a chance to find a cure for dementia, since it will be detected on early stages.

Thanks for sharing,


Irina commented on Caring for yourself

Hi Tanya,
Thanks for sharing your ideas.
I think you made a very important point about importance of caregivers to have time for themselves. Mostly caregivers, event if they are not members of immediate family, have live-in positions, which basically means that they are 24/7 at work. Taking this into the account, the caregivers need time to "recharge their batteries" in order to prevent burnout syndrome.
Tanya Sahni 

Hi Carolina,
Thanks for sharing your idea on the topic, that could be one of the options for sure. I`d like to add to that from my experience.
I think, another way to overcome low rate of responses, hence lower negative effect, could be recommendation to change the original text of email. I found out that first few responses took me longer, then the rest ones required. I sent first few emails based on the template provided by authors of the exercise and I received less responses than I expected. I decided to change tactic by "adding more of me" into the text of the emails. The result did not take long to see - I received more responses than the task required and in a very short time.