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Yan commented on Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

Thank you, Jon! We are all coming together to make our shared dreams come true. :) It's an honour and pleasure to be here and now with you and this dream-into-reality-team that you/we are gathering.

I wish to share with you all a Global Unified Action that United Earth initiated on the March Equinox called "Inspire the World Initiatives". The invitation, intention and vision for Inspire the World is "to co~create the world's most inspiring and inclusive positive news and solutions-awareness campaign".
Of course we would love for Compassion Games, Compassionate Cities and other CG partners to join! Over 30 groups including Permaculture Magazine, Findhorn’s New Story Hub, One Community Global, Great Transition Stories, Gaia Academy, EARTHwise Centre, The Great Transition Initiative, The Global Purpose Movement and GOOD of the WHOLE are already on board.
Here's a link:

Inspire the World Initiatives are already taking form through our first campaign called "Food & Water for All" (FW4A) in response to the famine crises in Africa. As you may well know the UN have estimated that more than 20 million people could starve to death in the coming months!!

Through the FW4A campaign it is our intention to:
~ To support immediate solutions by mapping, tracking and showcasing those projects (like the LOVE ARMY) and organizations (like ARAHA) with the most effective strategies and practical actions to prevent famine and starvation.
~ To openly promote and facilitate cooperation and collaboration among these groups.
~ To facilitate an open dialogue exploring the immediate solutions.
~ To promote the vast possibilities, solutions and innovations for ensuring sustainable food and water security and sovereignty at the local level and in all climatic conditions.

We now know that there are numerous ways through which we can eliminate starvation, and it is increasingly recognised that the obstacles are primarily economic and political.
While one key element of the bigger vision is to help ensure the basic human rights of food and water for all human beings, we see this kind of urgent intervention as a fundamental and response-able expression of compassion.

Within the Food & Water for All campaign we are now conceiving of a sub-campaign called "We Stand With Africa". I feel especially excited to invite Compassion Games and partners to explore how / if the games can connect to this urgent cause.

Additional intentions for the We Stand With Africa campaign are multidimensional:
1. To help grow public awareness about the famine crises.
2. To empower the public with information and practical ways to support the We Stand With Africa campaign.
3. To connect with like-hearted and solutions-oriented organisations throughout Africa – especially youth groups, women's groups and permaculture & ecovillage groups – and to encourage and facilitate transdisciplinary awareness and cooperation.
4. To honour and to give back to Mama Africa. The so-called developed world has risen primarily on the exploitation of African people and the continent's abundant wealth of natural resources. The cradle of our humanity is calling us back to the true spirit of Ubuntu.
5. To honour and build on the courageous and unifying actions of Standing Rock.
6. To continue building the movement through a series of “We Stand” unified actions. The following envisioned action may be “We Stand for Peace” that will invite and explore focussed and coherent action among the numerous emerging global peace movements.

I look forward to hearing how you all resonate with these actions and invitations!

With Love, and on behalf of the United Earth co~creative community,


Yan commented on Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

I must first confess that I have never played or organised a Compassion Game! But now, after getting a deeper impression of the evolution and scope of Compassion Games and the Compassionate Cities Movement, the inspiring network of changemakers you are bringing together, and the spectacular feedback that have read in the comments here, I feel deeply inspired to both experience a game AND to explore how I and the United Earth community and network can help bring Compassion Games to the global scale.
Like you say, compassion is the bridge that connects and unifies humanity. United Earth is rapidly becoming a global platform that is committed to serving, supporting, synthesizing and showcasing the most innovative models, practices, experiments and solutions for a peaceful, just and healthy planet.
The Compassion Games seem to usher in our evolutionary leap into a culture of peace, compassion and cooperation in truly playful, accessible and practical ways. The world needs this now more than ever.
Jon and Team, I am really excited to see how I and our teams can support and possibly co~create with the Compassion Games community in future events.
I look forward to learning and experiencing more from your field.
I am / We are at (y)our service.