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Purea commented on Coke Bring Bag: Reimagining the Home Recycle Bin

some fun facts printed on the side of the bag would be great. For example this bag full of bottles saves x amount of natural resources and raises x amount of dollars for a good cause . Non profits, sports teams, schools, theater groups, churches can order them with their name printed on them.
These bags are so much better than using paper bags that get all wet and break or trash can bags that don't hold their shape.
They could also have an inspirational quote printed on them.


Purea commented on Coke Bring Bag: Reimagining the Home Recycle Bin

This recycling bag would be great for kids sporting events (soccer, lacrosse, football , etc.... ) Easily collapsible when not in use and kept in the car.
Actually everyone should keep one in their car for use at picnics, beach parties, birthday parties etc.... Could even be a fundraiser for all kinds of organizations. Not only could they sell the bags but they would receive the redemption value for all cans and bottles in the bag.
It does need to be designed in a way that it stands up so that it is visible from a distance when needed but then collapses easily for storage and transportation when not in use.
I really like the fact that it looks easy to pick up and carry. Important to keep the size proportionate to the weight a person can carry when the bag is full of glass.
I definitely want one!