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Gaia commented on Embracing Failure

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I live in Serbia and these days there is a lot of talk at the policy level on the need for entrepreneurial education in schools!!!! Of course, in Mediterranean Europe "education" is interpreted 99% of the times as "formal education": teacher from their high status and podiums and students listening to teachers. This video is educational in so many ways!!!! It is peer-to-peer (taken for granted in Anglosaxon countries...:)), it is entrepreneurial, it is creative, it is encouraging, it is scientific...It also is a great ground on which to strengthen social inclusion (not identifying failure with vulnerable categories...and building potentials for success through failures...) :)


Gaia commented on Singapore Smart Grid Games

I am at present cooperating with Three Coins a start-up from Vienna that has very innovative ways of filling the gaps between "knowledge" and behavior in terms of personal finance management. In order to diminish the debt that in which 20% of youth seems to be (according to national stats in Europe), Three Coins uses interactive and creating education and technical assistance through virtual games. Playing such games is supposed to encourage an attitude change towards spending Maybe we can see how to integrate the "interactive virtual game" aspect into the Smart grid Games :)


Gaia commented on Tool Library for Every District

YES, James!!!! The links are definitely fitting!!!! I am now writing a project for the development of local economies in municipalities along Danube in Serbia and I think that these kind of activities stimulate entrepreneurship and cooperation which is supposed to break the vicious circle of "stagnation"...So, I will definitely keep in touch to share upgrades :) THANKS :)