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A reusable cup that connects with smart home, car, and phone technology and has option for built-in wi-fi touchscreen.

A reusable cup that connects with smart home, car, and phone technology and has option for built-in wi-fi touchscreen.

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Lesa R. commented on E-CO Cup

Hello Koldun Victor . Thank you for your comment, however, my idea does not propose a biodegradable/compostable cup model. Please see the details of my idea. The emphasis in my model is on cup re-use and recycling and incorporating technology-enabled features in the cup design that reinforce ongoing re-use of the cup .


Lesa R. commented on - The race to innovate

Hi Anil Pattni ! This is amazing! As Organizer of the OpenIDEO Austin Chapter, I greatly appreciate and acknowledge your active involvement in our local Chapter! You continue to bring your expertise to design-thinking in Austin. Your project idea demonstrates that. I love your idea and its contribution to humanity. Your innovation has great potential to change lives for many and move people and communities worldwide to sustainable lifestyles. This project must be supported and be provided means to be successful. We need "all hands on deck" to support ideas that bring more housing, stability, and prosperity to growing populations and simultaneously respect the environment in doing so. Our survival on Earth depends on this! Congratulations on your idea and your hard work in piloting and now moving this forward into further expansion. I wish you all success!


Lesa R. commented on Good Emporium

What a fantastic project! As Organizer of the OpenIDEO Austin Chapter, I am excited about your work and the Chapter is eager to continue to lend support to this initiative. You have already collaborated with us to facilitate outreach throughout Austin for the OpenIDEO BridgeBuilder Challenge at your recent "Think Global, Act Local" Meetup. Also, your recent participation in the ATX (Austin, Texas) Hack for Change resulted in your "Good Emporium" project being honored with one of the top awards at the hackathon! Congratulations on your social innovation and extensive community engagement and the work you are doing at the grassroots level. It is essential for our global well-being and our very existence that we all join together and work in concert to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Your community engagement strategy is of paramount value to Austin and the model will serve communities globally. The world is in great need of the success of your project! Thank you again!