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Aiai commented on [|BLANK|]

Hello, thank you.
Just out of curiosity (and I apologize for phrasing this so bluntly), are you referring specifically to that aspect of my "idea" which may be interpreted as somewhat manipulative and thus unkind? (I honestly do not think that of my project, as I do think that through successful implementation of the ideal version one can facilitate genuine individual feelings of and reason for gratitude among all workers while saving the sort of people to whom intellectual stimulation is essential to life; however, I shall not debate this topic further, as you may not be indicating that which I had anticipated to be the primary complaint this "idea" might arouse... Then again, it is not as if I actually have any hopes in this sort of a project, since people are generally unfavorably disposed towards any project which involves explicit mental influence even if we can only really benefit from it. It's merely a psychological barrier, and often based on a strong real potential for a situation in which the fear would no longer be unfounded... but yet we are paranoid.)
If not, what would you say is your primary complaint? (I must remark that your advice is somewhat vague, and I would like a little more detailed of a criticism to work off of...)
We are assuming some objective standard of "good," and an objective definition of the "greater good" which follows?
(Forgive this fourteen-year-old's impudence...)