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People die with unfulfilled dreams.
What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? 
We present Bucketlist. It’s now or never.

People die with unfulfilled dreams. What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? We present Bucketlist. It’s now or never.

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Alberto commented on BucketList

Thanks Abiola Oyebanjo 

There is definitely more space for the service to grow, and in the ideas refinement phase we could consider all this point in order to shape the service itself.
As the topic is very emotional, using such elements (and a really good storytelling, let's say) can be a very good point.

Thanks again for the comment!


Alberto commented on BucketList

Thanks for the wonderful feedback Bettina Fliegel 
Let us answer you point by point:

"so why not do more for more folk?"
This is exactly the aim of Bucketlist.

"How will wishes be facilitated?"
This is a point that we still have to explore in depth. The wishlist and the wishes are triggers that connect people and make them talk about the topic from another perspective. The way those wishes will be facilitated and come true is still an open discussion.

"I wonder if in addition to family, might volunteers be involved?"
Involving already existing organizations could be a very nice possibility for our service in order to start, grow and have a human touchpoint (I am from Italy, and I could get in contact with some associations). 
First, we deeply need to understand what is the best way to use Bucketlist to educate people and change their mindset when it comes to death. This is why we need a lot of research and prototyping with people in that specific situation, their families and the doctors who follow them.

We hope we did answer your questions and made things clearer!
Alberto and Teodora Tasi─ç 


Alberto commented on BucketList

"I'm wondering how you are envisioning realization: is the idea that family members and friends are made aware of the wish and can then try to find ways to realize the wish of their loved one?"

@Anna-Laure Fayard, that is exactly what we are thinking right now.
You see, there is a problem in breaking the barriers between people when it comes about this kind of topics.
The idea is to change the perspective on this subject by creating an environment in which people can be active and talk about it in a less "dramatic" way.

I always use this as an example: there are people that after the acceptance phase start even betting on their sicknesses (i.e. people betting on their diabetes glicemia level) and creating a kind of game out of this. The point here is the same: death happens. It is up to us to make it more sustainable, and the only way we can do it is to "live the approach of death" with a different approach and behaviours.

This doesen't mean that we laugh on death. We only make it become something more natural and less scary. At least 'til the last minute.