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Juan Pablo commented on Faithcination

Thank you Ochola Amosiah for your comments. I want to follow up on your suggestion of working together with Pentecostal churches leaders, how would you think would be the best way to approach them? What motivates them to work on a community issue? What are their expectations towards actively participating in an initiative? Thank you in advance for your insights.


Juan Pablo commented on Faithcination

Hi Marichu Carstensen thank you very much for your comment and your insights. Our strategy is less linked to a scientific approach and more towards a cost/benefit for religious leaders and their communities. We believe that giving religious leaders enough information of how they can start talking about the topic and reminding their community about the current and future implications, along with success and failure stories, would open people's mind to act taking advantage of the vaccination site deployed in their church. Your idea of "Sunday mass vaccination" is great and we want to link it with some well-designed community awareness process.

Hi BAGAYA MONICA thank you for sharing your idea. As Anne-Laure Fayard mentioned, our research showed that parents are difficult to motivate due to the traditional role or parents in the family and the importance of vaccination for them. Additionally, we also found out that they tend to rely on community knowledge, act based on suggestions, and follow the example of others. Adding onto your idea, Male Champions should have some level of influence on the community or be recognized and supported by leaders so their word could be heard and increase their impact. Finally, strategic location planning (placing Male Champions in strategic events or places) would increase the likelihood to approach more male peers and gain their trust.

From our idea, we could complement both by bringing Male Champions to our "after service" drives and give them the opportunity to share their experience and des-mistifying immunization for the ones with doubts.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I am looking forward to seeing your idea in action.