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Cynthia commented on Create Kits - Encouraging Discovery and Exploration

What I love about this idea is the potential to involve kids in the act of creating kits for and teaching other kids. There's nothing like teaching something to someone else in order to really understand what it is you're doing (in this case, being creatively confident)!

You brought up the decision regarding whether to offer a mostly online experience or to combine that with physical kits (via subscription service or other distribution channels). In case this insight helps, I've been working on a subscription service for electronic project kits targeted toward kids 7-12, that are paired with an online curriculum (videos and interactive quizzes) [EEME -], and one piece of feedback we've gotten from parents and kids is that they LOVE the combination of hands-on activities with online instruction/edutainment.

You're definitely onto something with the idea of kits that encourage building and exploration.

If you will target parents, I think in order to reach as many people as possible, you will have to make it as EASY as possible to obtain what they need for each project. I think for the U.S. market in particular, parents expect everything to come "out of the box" if you will - to have easy access to everything they need to do the project.

Would love to chat in more depth about the challenge of distributing this to as many people globally as possible. Great idea again!!

My pleasure :) I just got your invite to join your virtual team - I'm honored!

And I just had a follow-up thought -- as I was thinking about this overall challenge ("How might we inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence?"), I was thinking that one way to get kids to believe in their creativity as well as efficacy might be to involve them in solving challenges that plague the adult world. To task them with challenges that provide them with a framework to work within. These can be as big as global warming or as small as helping out the local grocery store.

To address the challenge of helping kids figure out what they can do/dream, maybe tasking them with "missions" would be a way to inspire them and to give them something to work with. (e.g. "Your mission: figure out one way to save the rainforest")

I can envision working with organizations like The Future Project and Citizen Schools (and tons more like them) whose mission is to expand what's possible in the world of kids - to have a Dreamstarter Project be a critical part of their programs/curriculum.