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Yep, there was a issue with file size. I hear it has been fixed.

Congratulations Mel + Frank. I am so happy your idea was a winner. I look forward to seeing where you take the concept from here.

My 13 year old daughter spent some time today on Open Ideo. I had a conversation with her about the experience. I have answered the below based on that conversation as I did not have the questions to hand. My comments are listed below each question.

Is this platform easy for you to navigate? Are you confused by anything?
A lot going on all at the same time. Liked the bar at the top of the page to easily see where in the process the challenge is.

Is this platform something that you would want to use? Why or why not?
Yes, but would like to be able to more easily share to other social networks for feedback and to get friends involved.

What else would you want from OpenIDEO that could help improve the experience? Make it more familiar to the user. Facebook/twitter/instagram, etc… My daughter understands the function and interface, so it would be more comfortable to have similar interactions. She found that the design was getting in the way of the interaction.

Are you interested in the challenges? Would you be interested in global challenges or more local challenges? The first global issue that she was aware and involved in was the campaign against ‘Kony’. She and her friends were not only active in the online world around the issue, but also move offline. As we discussed the Open Ideo platform, she said it would be a great way to spend time vs pure socialising on Facebook.

Do you like the idea of a young people’s version? If so, how would you design the platform differently? Similar to the comments above, make it familiar as possible to take away any friction for the young users that are not as accustom to trudging through a new interface as adults are due to jobs/banks/cars all creating new interfaces that we are forced to learn to interact.

How closely do you need to guide young person? Do they need a lot of encouragement? To what extent are they exploring on their own?
As a computer/internet native, she was not bothered about clicking on anything that was interesting.
What do they spend the most time on? The least time on?
The long update notes and comments were the least looked at. Pictures, graphics and videos got the most attention. Thought – maybe vlog updates vs text entries.
Do they read in detail or jump around?
Lots of jumping around, but it was a getting to know the system and seeing what it was about and what sort of content was inside.

What visual content (videos, images) are they drawn to (if any)?
She watched the ‘getting started’ video about why Open Ideo was started and what the aim of the platform is. Also, when we got to this challenge she watched the video of the Kelly brothers introducing the concept.

Are they having trouble navigating or understanding something on the site?
She did not like the comment section. The best I can unpick this is that it was too abrupt and not like having a chat. It was hard to see who and why these people were commenting. I think she wanted topic chains where pieces could be discussed vs on comment chain. Sorry, not really describing this well, but hope you get the gist.

Let me know if you would like any of these points drawn out further.