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Grace commented on StairWalker 2.0 [Update: The Designer's Journey]


I really like the idea of a device to help elderly walk up and down stairs, but I'm concerned that the cantilever design might not be stable enough for such an important task. What if there was a device that attached on both sides of the stairs, giving a lot of support, and when one is done climbing the stairs one side detached like a hinge and clip on to the wall on the other side? (even possibly magnetic?) This action might be easier for elderly to use than trying to clip it on the stairs every time, especially if they have arthritis or other issues in the hand.

Hope this helps!


Grace commented on Postcard Prevention Pack

This idea is so interesting, especially since it uses social aspects for fall prevention. I know the elderly like to use snail mail and I think that's really great how your project uses that, but have you also thought of an electronic version for the tech savy out there? I think this would be especially useful if you are thinking to have family more involved- kids or young adults sending this to their grandparents and parents might prefer this way. I know a lot of electronic mail companies now have the option to send snail mail via design on an app (even with a scanned handwritten note)- maybe you can use that to make an electronic copy more personalized. (Check out Inkly- I've used this app to send a personalized card to someone and it was really great).


Grace commented on stepWise - Skill Building One Step At A Time


I really love the idea that this can be implemented in a public park setting. At the refinement meeting the other day, I remember someone said the level of difficulty should be adjusted/scaled in a way that provides the users a safer and reasonable level of exercise (i.e. users should have to pass an easier pathway to access a difficult pathway).

When I used to live in Korea, there was this park my parents used to take me that had a pathway of sorts for the purpose of exercising the bottoms of feet- the pathway had different types of pebbles embedded in the sidewalk. Every few feet, a new type of rock surface would be on the path, and although some rocks were harder to walk on, the level got more and more difficult as you went on the path. There were also several exits during the path so users could leave whenever they felt they reached their max. In addition, the entire pathway had support railings on the sides.

Thought this might help with your future vision for this project!