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Kirsten commented on Kinderpreneur Launchbox

After discussing your idea at an OpenIDEO meetup in SF my team found some ways to creatively use your smart idea! We discussed how the idea of a lunch box was good because it's something that kids are going to look at every day and will make it natural for them to act on whatever concepts are on the box because it is in their everyday environment. It focuses on the ideas of lifelong learning and creating an environment for your kids that focuses on the "growth mindset" (Carol Dweck) so it's natural for them to succeed.

We came up with the idea of creating multiple "lines" of this product, going beyond the entrepreneurship ideas for visuals on the box. You could create a "literary/history" line with quotes and pictures of famous figures, with letters or stories written by those figures on the inside. You could create a "mechanics" line that shows a technical picture of a bicycle or a car with the process of how it operates labeled. You could create a "coding" line with a picture of the insider of a computer and lines of html written on the inside. The "geography" line would include small maps of different countries including actual images of people or products from that region to make kids more knowledgeable about different parts of the world. The "science" line could include pictures of labeled biologically-correct hearts. The different kinds of lines could go on; we just saw this as a good opportunity to get different kinds of information and ideas across to kids, as a product that they look at and use every day. And it might make them more appealing to consumers, as they are a little more personalized and tailored to fit the students and parents wants/needs.