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Francesca commented on Integrated ageing...

I think designing to support healthy aging is a critical need for our future success. This is a super inspiration you've shared, making the wheelchair a lovely piece of furniture integrated into a home setting.

This not only supports the sense of independence, that we all are hearing is so critical to thrive, but also takes away any perceived stigma.

I recall how my 80+ year old grandmother, many years ago, resisted using a walking aide -- not simply a walker, but anything. Even a cane made her "feel" old... it wasn't until she and I went shopping to find the "perfect cane" --- one embellished with a beautiful silver frog, with semi-precious gems for eyes and crystals to make him sparkle -- did she begin to use something she was proud of, and was as glamourous as she.


Francesca commented on Easing the Transition: The Not So Big House

I LOVE this book, and I began down-sizing my own life after my kids left for college, and moved into a home that is only 800 sf, vs. 1200 sf, and we are building in many design ideas that were inspired by this book. For me, the place where you live should reflect how you want to live, and "simpler" is the way for me. Low cost/smaller scale/less upkeep/human centered... would be the easiest way to age healthier; into a home that meets my needs and gives me time to exercise and do more fun things in my life. I imagine at age 80, this home will still work for me as it does at 49!