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Hi Vanessa
Welcome to OpenIdeo, I see you are new and that is great! I am familiar with Source and another player there in the unpackaged foods space. Would Befria work in Australia? It may, it depends on the consumer mind set. Where ever we go in the world there will be a group of people that will embrace unpackaged. Our goal is to expand that base and change the consumer behaviours. It takes time. The other issue at play will be the supply lines to Australia. For us to meet the consumer needs we want to be able to customize the product selection at store level and not just offer local, but a large variety of products from around the world. I will confess, healthy is a good thing, but I personally still like my sweet treats once in a while.
Thank you for seeing the competitive advantage, but it actually goes beyond that linking the product to the store, to the customer in their home. WE feel it is important to be transparent about origins of the product and also to support our customers in how to use the product. Our coding system will bring you back to all this information right from the kitchen counter. How do I cook this? What is it good with? The nutrition facts, storage facts and yes, the ability to reorder for curbside pick-up, all from the kitchen counter. Could they imitate? Of course. We are filing patents against our software and the use, but nothing stops another group from making something similar, just not exactly the same. I also know that is will take them about a year to catch up, so the cheaper and easier route is to license the software for the 'me too' effect.

Smart card is what I think you are talking about. Cards are great until your wallet is full of them. From a cost stand point there really is a very small cost associated with them and we can offer this in the program. I lean toward a smart phone app which will allow flow through purchasing without the need for lining up at the register. I still want to promote the human contact aspect. That is what I truly believe to be part of the Old World market, to know the customers and recognize them, interact with them, that goes a long way in making us feel comfortable in a retail environment.

Thank you Vanessa and hope we can see you in a store in the not too distant future. Michael

There are always options in consumer retail functions. The concept of catalogue was a wonderful new thing at the turn of the 20th century. Today they are gone and replaced with Amazon or EBay. The small stores service a purpose for the local area, but will always be challenged on selection. We have started from a position of how much is too much, and the answer was, as long as it is right for the neighbourhood, it is right for us. Our starting product listings is just under 80,000 unpackaged items. Each store will be brought down to a functional 6,000 products that will give our customers what they need without the need to travel from store to store to store to fill their family baskets. All natural, gluten free, GMO free, CPG products we know from the conventional grocery store. Ethical products, price point products, fresh and local products. This will bring the consumers in and we will work to convert them to customers. Creating an environment that services more than just a few needs, that creates that old world marketplace where you can get what you want, this is what will attract the masses and give us the opportunity to launch new products and influence the way consumers purchase their daily needs. Thank you for taking the time to post and I hope to see you in a Befria store soon!

The question has come up many times about providing unpackaed products that support the local growers or creators. Befria will do that but not limit the product to the local product only, it makes it a challenge to have an orange in Norway. With that in mind, we would love to be the launch-pad for new and innovative ideas that will help to change the consumer model of open the package, then open the inner package and then throw away the two packages. New and exciting ideas have been put forward in this challenge, some will struggle because the MegaMarts of the retail world will not take the time to even schedule a meeting let alone waive the numerous fees to get the products in the stores. Befria is about serving the local needs while bring the world to their local door. Help the farmer on the small-holding in some remote village by selling their product. Again, that extends to the people who have these great and wonderful solutions. Not all the stores will be the correct market to put the product in, but Befria is built to help get the right product to the right market at the right price. We look forward to the opportunity to help these folks bring products to the market. Thank you for you comment and I hope to see you in a Befria store in the not too distant future.