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Daryl commented on iMerciv - The BuzzClip

How mature is this sound technology?

Hi Terry,
After reading this idea, i definitely believe students could use a platform like this. However, what this idea is trying to do is change the very basis for which our society works. Students go to college so they can get a degree and make the most money possible while studying something they are at least somewhat interested in. If you think about it, every kid in elementary school wants to be a fireman or policeman to help society but as we age, our motivations change and money becomes a priority. This is why i believe you should target a younger age group.



Daryl commented on Pnutek

Hi Rahul,
I personally am a higher education student that loves music and who also has ADHD. This platform you have designed that targets students with any kind of learning disability is extremely creative and i believe it can become something a lot bigger. Although i am a little skeptical about the technology and converting it into "music", my main concern is how good it sounds. Personally i only listen to a song if i really enjoy it and it has some sort of personal connection to me. However, i dont really see myself willingly listening to any song that just came from my notebook. Despite this, i hope your program proves me wrong and i would love to see how far this idea goes.