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Valerie commented on Breaking The Wall of Medical & Medication Errors

I think this is a great idea! I've studied medication errors from the provider side of care continuum. From the time a doctor prescribes a medication to the time a patient receives the medication, many clinicians are involved in the process and errors in communication and getting the right medication to the patient arise. The way you have taken the patient perspective here is valuable because it takes it a step further to account for medication management and adherence. I'd love to see it possible for the doctor to upload the prescription directly to the patient's account and have it go through a pharmacy validation before being passed onto the patient, streamlining the process, reducing error and potential for patients to falsify their prescriptions.

I may have missed this but can you set it up so Casey alerts you through a reminder, text or call to take your medications? I think that would be great in addition to providing direction on how to take your medications.

Are you sending the medications directly to the patient or is there a third party that pulls the order and delivers? What process is in place to account for potential order errors in the process of pulling the medication and the delivery to the patient? Are you working directly with insurance to receive reimbursement? And finally, with the concern of keeping patient data stored securely, what system would be in place to protect the privacy of patient records?


Valerie commented on F.A.C.E it (Micro-Expressions)

I really appreciate this idea because I am also I big fan of the work of Paul Ekman and the series Lie To Me. I think training to detect mirco expressions can be used as a helpful tool to give insight to the truth in questionable situations. This new technology needs to be explored and put into effect and this is a great way to start doing so.