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Bruce commented on #Inhabit Ecosystems

checked out draft doc. You've put a lot of work into concepts. You are onto something for sure. Would not discount the blockchain. You might be suprised to see it does play a crucial role. 2017 will become known as the year of the blockchain, and by years end most will go "where did this come from?"

3d mapping concept sounds great. I cannot think of the website that utilized taking twitter and putting everyone into a map of interconnections.
Some close examples
fun way to look at Twitter with visualizations


Bruce commented on #Inhabit Ecosystems

Hello Benjamin,
Great idea. Love the Maps! without a 3d map the links seem right on but seems also there could be lots of non-linear connections. I think the platform idea is good but can also see this being implemented via the Blockchain.


Bruce commented on EARTH 2.0 ReBoot ********** By The New Earth Army

What does a New Earth Army look like?
The United States of America spends around 700 billion dollars a year on its military. Imagine a future 30 years from now where we have woken up to what it means to be a human and that our armies become the healers of the earth? Imagine!
Here is a draft of what a New Earth Army might look like in the future

New Earth Army is not a new concept but a conceptual idea created by a man named Jim Channon who created what was called the Earth First Battalion. He became famous through the film Men Who Stare At Goats who was played by Jeff Bridges.


To clarify my project idea. My idea is what I call:
EARTH 2.0 Reboot to build a ARK/Lifeboat, Hypervillage model.
A Place To Create, Practice and Document A New Vision for Humanity.
The basis for the creation of the ARK/Lifeboat Hypervillage model is to use New Earth Army as mythological force of earth stewards that will become the new earth force 30, 50, 100 years from now.