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Idob commented on Children's community resource centers

This is by far the clearest pragmatic shade of light on what seemingly is a wasting away age of Ugandans who can't access foundational education. It is true that 'education as we know it' , in Uganda, is losing its effectiveness and relevance in relation to the 'product' efficiency after school is done, so to speak. And this inefficiency, I'd like to think, can be rooted back to early childhood days like many of you have captured up there.

Two things;

1. A community based children's resource center, in the less leafy parts of Kampala...and Uganda as a whole, should primarily seek to change the mindset of the children, and in turn, families directly involved; however HARD.

In a bid to strengthen the foundation and richly develop cognitive abilities of these children such that things like Creativity, innovative-ness, self-dependence and the like are achieved, which I know shall be self-announcing and effect sustainability; I think it most important to pay closest attention to 'how' this is going to be achieved ( teaching mechanisms and the like). And the center's sustainability and longevity only a secondary concern, lest a brilliant idea turned 'project' ends up being another one of those community ventures that are evaluated more in word than in deed.

2. It's clear that 40/40's role shall largely be within the corridors of resource brokerage and effective management like they've proven to excel at, and they may have to take chances on completely depending on other stake holders that can skillfully see to the success and effectiveness of such a project, My concern is how the foundation hopes to commit to THE point; the actual functionality of the resource centers.

Otherwise, for practicality, and ingenuity's sakes... I know this to be the most brilliant Idea as far as attempting to deal with the root cause of our wanting education system; first as a result of families' inability to afford an education for their Children and also as a result of the grossly irrelevant curriculum being used in local schools. I hope you get all the required aid to effect this brilliance such that the fruit of the labour of our education system is evidently better.