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Harry commented on Meet the Perennials

Hi Anne, I found this very thought provoking. I agree with your sentiment that society needs to move away from labels, not only those regarding which decade you were born in but in also general, however I find myself at odds with this post in this particular forum. I believe that the GFC disrupted the lives of many mid to late 40's professionals saving money for retirement, their kids education, travel perhaps and having to start all over again and the pressure that would have put them under. And whilst they still have some time to repair their situations, those that were closer to retirement are likely facing immediate issues and this is where perhaps the argument of what label you put them under breaks down for me. Solutions are needed to help these individuals, their families and their communities to help plan their coming years.

Hi Waqas, I agree with your statement. One of the challenges for implementing ideas
across countries is under estimating the local variables. This idea will need substantial
local input from NGO's to ensure it can be fully realized. Even good intentions can be seen
as negative incase these are taken as outsiders wanting to impress their ideas to a new


Harry commented on Youths,Agriculture pays off

Hi James,I have a few concerns regarding your ideas:

1. There is no detail provided to back up your statement. What is the period of time after
which "agriculture pays off"? What is the initial investment? Where will the youth
be getting this money? Are you engaging with any co-ops or the government agencies to provide farm subsidies for the ongoing cost
of farming?

2. Have you completed any market research to gauge interest in your target market for a
physically demanding profession such as farming with almost guaranteed lack of income
in the first few years at least? Global trends show people moving from
rural to urban areas and not the other way round.