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Ruth commented on Game Plan 2020

Hi Mariam,
It's interesting to know about game prospect to educate youths. I hope somehow you can share the responses and results from the gamers so we can understand better how to reach the youths.


Ruth commented on Finding what you love.

This is interesting and fun that this idea helps students from high schools. And it is more interesting that colleges can also get involved at this early stages, like what Mr. David Barnett writes. And I also think what (student's range passion) Mr. David Barnett structures is good idea.

So hopefully students will be prepared for obs out there and encourage them too to be creative, maybe, to create new jobs for them and their juniors.


Ruth commented on Design as Generator (DAG)

Maker's Asylum or Collaborative Makerspace reminds me of what so called co-working space @ Jakarta Indonesia, a place for any professionals to meet and collaborate in projects. What I heard recently, this co-working space didn't survive, it was closed.

I think Makerspace and co-working space are one of great answer for this challenge. But why co-working space is not yet succeeded here, in Indonesia? Maybe, our professionals with different education backgrounds have not yet reach common understanding of professionalism. And maybe what my colleague sees is quite right, we still need good managers who are neutral and open-minded to see all the potentials from all professionals involved. Managers who can help communicate these potentials to other professionals. Managers that orchestrate these potentials for the best of any collaborative project.

I think, it is good if higher education can help students study this "managerial" skill, and yet I know not all students can master this. That's why I am interested in Robin Landsman's points. The 10 points are advanced and important but frankly it's too perfect. But I agree in this case that especially emotional intelligence and design mindset sound fit into "managerial" skill for Makerspace.

Thank you Miss Kate Rushton and Miss Shivani Govind for your writings and inputs.